Online presence for small business

Why should your Business have an Online Presence?

Last weekend, I was relaxing on my couch in the middle of the afternoon, watching an old favorite movie and munching on some cookies. Suddenly, a wave of sharp pain swept through the entire left side of my jaw and disrupted the entire pleasure of the fine afternoon. A few moments later after recuperating, I decided that it was about time that I sought an appointment with a dentist and picked up my phone. Now just to give you a background, this was the first time that I planned to pay a visit to the dental clinic on my own and had no previous history regarding dental health.

I went to google and typed in the search terms for a dental clinic near my area. Google was quick to respond as ever and showed a list of dental clinics. I browsed through the first three to four results, read the reviews, compared them, went to their websites, tried to book an appointment with the first one, the one which was well-known but the website was outdated and had no scheduling option available. So I tried again with the second one and got an appointment booked for the next day. The next evening on my way back from work I dropped by the dentist for a checkup. The clinic had just recently opened and the doctor was a friendly fellow. He asked me how I discovered the place so I responded that I just googled it.

That is exactly how my dentist got a customer simply by just being online and that is exactly how having an online presence for small businesses or in fact any business is essential in the current age.

What does an Online Presence mean?

An online or digital presence can be a determining factor for businesses. The internet has changed a lot of things including how businesses do business. In the year 2021, having an online presence for small businesses especially is crucial as it has the potential to make it or break it. But.. Why and How?

Well let’s take a look for how having a digital presence matters. Be it online presence for small businesses or for multinationals as a matter of fact. How does it impact business?

Customer Expects It:

Yes, straightforward as it can be, the customer expects it. We are living in the year 2021, where the internet is running the world. The first thing after customers are intrigued by something they type it in google or search it on social media. Here you have the chance to hook the customer and leave a strong impression. It can be achieved by an attractive website or an engaging post on social media. That is exactly how having online presence for startups has benefited them and taken them up the popularity scale. On the other hand, if you don’t have any or have a poor digital presence then chances are that your brand can quickly become forgettable.

 If you are a business that has just started or intends to grow then an online platform will only benefit you. There are countless examples that prove how having an online presence for startups or an online presence for small businesses catapulted their businesses to success.

More Audience:

Without a doubt, as mentioned in the case above, simply by having an online presence you are reaching more people. You are increasing your chances of being discovered more. That is why it is so much emphasized to have an online presence for small businesses.

Think about it if you were to advertise your business through any conventional channel like the newspaper, TV, radio or billboard, how large an audience can you possibly reach? With the internet there is practically no limit you can reach anywhere around the globe that you want to. That is the power of digital presence.

Better Relationship with Customer:

Businesses that are active online are also more involved with its customers. Social media enables businesses to build a community and engage with their customer-base. Due to which customers feel more involved with brands and it nurtures a relationship of trust. This single factor has contributed to growth of several businesses that started just from a social media page. An online presence for small businesses combined with good engagement can quickly help it climb up the popularity scale.

All of these factors are essential and crucial for establishing an identity for your brand. A strong online presence for startups or new brands can quickly put them far ahead of already established competitors who have not capitalized on an online or digital presence.

Audience Insights:

Digital platforms bring along with it the ease of tracking. You can track different events happening on your website or social media quite easily. What this allows is that you can easily gauge the performance of your content and strategize accordingly. For instance; you uploaded two pieces of content and now you observe which piece is performing better. This ease was not previously available for businesses.

This ease in advertising is also a reason why an online presence for small business or an online presence for startups can quickly help it grow with the help of clever strategy.

Round the Clock Accessibility:

Having a good digital or online presence for your business is equivalent to having a salesperson who never sleeps. It is always selling your business 24 hours around the clock. Think of a customer visiting your website like having one visit your store.

A website or social media page serves exactly the same purpose. Potential customers come in browse through it to obtain whatever information they like just like a virtual store. Now a properly optimized website acts just like a well furnished and attractive store.

Tips to Build a Strong Online Presence for Small Businesses:

Now we have emphasized enough on the fact of why businesses and especially an online presence for small businesses or startups can add its value. But raises the question of how?

In Summary, while having an optimized website and regularly updated social media is essential. There are still a lot of elements that play a crucial role like the content or the channel the channels you are utilizing.

Discover the top trending Digital marketing trends in 2021:

Lastly, while the digital world has provided businesses with abundant opportunity to increase their sales. The businesses that really succeed are the ones that aim at building a better relationship with their customers. The ones who are quick to respond to customer demands and create a more customer-centric experience are the ones who thrive. That is what being online means.

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